Use of ultrasonografy at the hand digital flexor tendons injures

The value of uhrasonografy (USG) for correction both peculiarities of tendons injures and complications of treatment after their reconstruction has discussed. This method has been applied for tendons function evaluation in 80 examination of the patients both before operation and during postoperative rehabilitation.

During work four basic preoperative USG pattern of not fresh and inveterate tendons injures, and also complications of surgical treatment were certain. In accordance with each of this patterns appropriate surgical tactic were applied. Amplitude of tendon motions were basic criterion of postoperative USG picture. In favourable cases amplitude grew, and in unfavorable - went down and area of involvement of surrounding tissues was formed.

Thanks to results of ultrasonografy we determinate basic variants of USG picture and signs of favourable postoperative period. USG is high informing method in evaluating of repaired tendon function.

Bezugliy A. A., Vovchenko G.Y.
Institute of traumatology and orthopaedia of AMS of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine


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