For definition diaphysial fractures portion of long bones extremities among of all long bones fractures in modern traumatism structure of population of Ukraine. Special questionnaires were developed. On the basis of these forms medical-statistical investigation of diaphysial bone fractures of extremities spreading has been carried out in 15 regions of Ukraine. Main material for investigation was information of leading orthopedists-traumatologists from regional administration of health protection including the data of the Center of Medical Statistics of Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine.

According to obtained data there were 102926 extremities fractures in these 15 regions during 2004; 49952 cases made up diaphyseal fractures. In accordance with statistical data bone fractures of extremities accounted for 23.7% of general number of locomotorium in 2004; fractures of upper extremities made up 13.87% and fractures of lower extremities formed 9.83%.

The analysis of regional data displayed that diaphysial fractures make up 48.5% of all bone fractures of extremities. Diaphisial fractures of upper extremities make up 48.7% of all upper extremities fractures and diphysial bone fractures of lower extremities fractures.

The most portion of all long bone fractures of extremities make up diaphysial bone fracture of forearm account for 19.5% and diaphysial bone fracture of shin make up 17.0%. It should be noted that among bone fractures of forearm and hip bone diaphysial fractures can be found in 55.5% and 51.7% of cases accordinaly.

Distribution of diaphysial fractures according to seriousness of soft tissues injury revealed that open diaphysial fractures make up 8.5% and closes diaphysial fractures account for 40.0% of all bone fractures of

extremities. The portion of open diaphysial fractures is the following: 24.5% of cases among all bone fracture of shin, 14.3% of cases of all bone fractures of forearm. Open diaphysial fractures make up 10.5% of cases among fractures of hip bone.

Obtained results serve as evidence of considerable spreading of diaphysial fractures in traumatism structure among the population of Ukraine. The results can be used in calculations of annular necessary quantity of corresponding apparatus, facilities and surgical instruments for treatment of diaphysial fractures.

Gaiko G.V., Kalashnicov A.V., Boer V.A., Nikitin P.V., Chichirko O.M.,Chalaidyuck T.P. 
Institute of traumatology and orthopedics AMS of Ukraine, Kiyv, Ukraine


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